Easy to use and manage, flexible and ever evolving, AroTRON™ CRM is the first 100% Greek answer in the CRM sphere. AroTRON™ is a perfect fit for the small / medium enterprise (SME) employing between 20-150 users, yet it can equally well serve the needs of larger companies. It offers a single, enterprise view of the customer that enables businesses to cultivate high-quality relationships that lead to improved loyalty and profits. It helps organizations to offer “consistency of experience” for their customers through all forms of interaction (such as inquiry, order, delivery, and service). Not only does this improve the ability to provide superior service, but also each customer feels like he/she is important to you, which results in higher customer satisfaction.

The AroTRON™ platform, besides its proven maturity, flexibility and adaptability to the Greek business environment, has an impeccable track record and numerous proven success stories in various sectors such as the Pharmaceutical, Auto, Financial, Telecom, Retail, and Graphic Arts. (View Cententia Customer List). AroTRON™ also offers complete compatibility within a Computer-Telephony-Integrated (CTI) environment. Scripting is also used for advanced automation and standardization of the customer service process.

It is important to note that unlike other solutions that were built solely for in-house use, AroTRON™ has been designed from the outset to support a complete Outsourcing and Partner Relationship model to enable organizations support both in-house and third-party product and services without any problems or shortcuts. Hence, AroTRON™ makes the perfect choice for call-centers that specialize in outsourced services e.g. telemarketing activities.

AroTRON Key Points

  • AroTRON™ has been designed from the outset to support a complete Outsourcing model to enable organizations support both in-house and third-party products and services. Hence, it makes the perfect choice for call-centers specializing in outsourced services e.g. telemarketing activities.
  • Creates a comprehensive “Single – 360° view of the customer“, partner, supplier, or stakeholders, enriched with demographic or other information, that can be constantly updated.
  • Creates and maintains a complete “customer file” that includes all communication that has taken place between the company and the customer since their initial contact. It records the positive or negative attitude of the customer towards the company’s products and services, vis-a-vis the competition’s, allowing the organization to adjust its strategy accordingly.
  • Eliminates double entries of the same entity and helps avoid errors and ambiguities regarding the clientele base. As a result, customers start receiving products and services of paramount quality.
  • Helps streamline sales and improve productivity by automating the tedious task of scheduling appointments, phone calls, etc., on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, and optimizes product marketing by accurately targeting and segmenting the right customer groups.
  • Enables consistent customer management and real-time company wide access to customer information that facilitates collaboration between the company’s departments, e.g. sales, marketing, support, etc.
  • Offers complete management of customer maintenance and support contracts, (for products or services rendered, support, maintenance, etc.), as well as management of special contracts like Service Level Agreements (SLA). It automatically generates reminders regarding important dates (maintenance of a customer’s product) or deadlines (communicating to a customer the expiration of a support contract)
  • Supports and exploits all the advanced communication channels between a company and its clients such as CTI, Internet, Personal Contact, Teleconference, WAP, SMS, E-mail, Web Site. The clients can quickly and effectively place and track orders, issues and requests for help over the Web. The generation of automatic notifications via SMS or E-mail, ensures that the appropriate business parties throughout the organization will be involved as soon as issues and situations evolve.