i-Score: an Innovative Solution

i-Score is a complete, user-friendly platform for managing credit risk strategies.

It is the only system in the Greek market for implementing, improving, evaluating and presenting Credit risk, offering the ability for developing Early Warning indicators and producing related Reports, embedded in a common platform (credit scoring, collection and recoveries scoring models).

In addition, it allows organizations to advance their Decision-Making capabilities, and to create the most suitable Strategies.

i-Score’s biggest strength  lies in its ability to offer simulation and comparison between various scenarios, and finding the most effective one, resulting in increased cash inflows and liquidity, and thus offering a significant competitive advantage to every organization using it!


i-score 1

Figure 1: Behavioral Scorecard for Car Loan

User-friendly Rules for Successful Strategies

The i-Score platform supports the creation of business rules in a user-friendly graphical environment, rendering each business unit or department, independent from the IT department!

i-Score operates in  a user-friendly graphical environment, offering users all the necessary tools to build logical diagrams for decision-making, without utilizing programming and coding.

Each business user can build models from the ground up, or use existing ones from the “public library”. Depending on their access rights, users have the ability to customize and further evolve their models according to their individual needs.

 user friendly rylesJPG

Increase your Knowledge & Effectiveness – Fast!

Take full advantage of the use of ready-made general Scoring Models & Early Warning Indicators:

  • Origination models for granting financial products
  • Collection & Recovery models for improving collection strategies and liquidity
  • Business models for calculating and anticipating business risk

Web Platform for digital development & dissemination of models

Users can become part of a large market place, and take advantage of the advanced futures and functionality of i-Score, where third party vendors can further improve existing models, and business users can use them and rate them. Hence, the participating business community can benefit from each member’s collective experience, and further utilize and evolve the most fitting models according to their unique requirements!

Gain significant «Business Intelligence»

Utilize every critical business information for decision-making, collecting valuable information from heterogeneous sources of information within the organization.

i-Score collects data enriched with information stemming from various models (score, decisions, risk grade, etc.) and allows for  the utilization of every bit of information to identify critical issues and make decisions that have impact in the bottom line of the organization.

i-Score allows for:

  • the substantial following of critical business information and indicators
  • the easy and hassle-free updating of data
  • the availability of complicated reports


i-score 3

Figure 2: Report – Total number of Approved & Rejected applications


Champion / Challenger methodology for Choosing Optimum Strategies

Oganizations are continuously looking to identify optimum strategies for risk management, segmentation or liquidity improvement. However, to replace an existing strategy (Champion) with a better and improved one (Challenger), one must test its effectiveness.

i-Score provides users, through a decision model,  with the option to decide on the final model-method that will be used for each case.

All the cases that will fall under the challenger collections strategy, will be evaluated, and based on the results, the best model will prevail and become the model of choice.

i-score 4

Figure 3: Retail Strategy segmentation based on the Champion Challenger methodology

i-Score Benefits

i-Score offers numerous benefits compared to the competition as described below:

  • It has been designed and developed from the outset for SMEs. With a low total cost of ownership, it helps companies which have few clients and accounts achieve a positive ROI.
  • It offers significant agility – ability to respond quickly to ever changing business needs and requirements of organizations.
  • It allows for knowledge transfer within the organization, unlike the usual practice of most international competitive products.
  • It offers significant integration capabilities with the IT systems & tools of every organization.
  • It comes at a very competitive cost compared to the competition.