i-Apply® Loan Origination


i-Apply® is a multi-channel, platform independent solution, which handles loan and other credit products decisioning, origination and management processes, built to serve a wide variety of financial products.

Ranging from Mortgages to Debit/Credit Card applications and from corporate to personal loans, i-Apply® manages customer on-boarding application, credit qualification, pricing, product factoring, amortization and collateral appraisal, up to loan disbursement and covers the entire origination lifecycle.

The solution streamlines the origination process to remove redundant processes and accelerate decision-making, while it decreases risks and subsequently leads to reduced costs and enhanced efficiency.


Key Challenges

  • Error-prone fragmented activities, dominated by paper documents and manual processes.
  • Unsuitable technologies prohibit the desired standard of service speed and quality in customer service
  • Compliance requires evidence that sound decisions are taken, fully respecting the institutions’ due diligence process and credit policies.
  • Quickly respond to credit requests and maintain control over risk
  • Credit analysts need maintain clarity and focus
  • An IT environment flexible enough to accommodate changes without straining resources or budgetary constraints.

Business Benefits

1. Control your entire lending process
External and internal scoring along with pre-populated KYC information, minimize data capture requirements and allow the bank staff to focus on the right customer and quality loan portfolios.

2. Increase your efficiency and business agility
Scorings can be adjusted to changing market conditions, while new lending products can be rolled out fast targeting new market segments.

3. Reduce your risk and regulatory exposure
Rigorous and standardized approval processes throughout the Loan Origination lifecycle and for different lines of business, support compliance efforts protecting the institution against defaults

4. Run with powerful workflow and rule engines

With seamless routing, tracking, allocation of automated tasks and notifications to bank staff, i-Apply® supports timely credit decisions, which are organized entirely around the bank’s unique credit policies.

Customer data capture and Compliance checks

Comprehensive workflow models are defined building a secure and fully auditable end-to-end credit decision process, which maintains flexibility, while it ensures the quality of complex customer evaluations.

i-Apply® automates and supports the entire Loan Origination cycle from the point initial customer application data is captured, through to credit scoring and approval stages, to the management of the associated documentation and until the loan is booked and fully or partially disbursed.
Following the capture of non-financial customer data, i-Apply® imports data from internal systems providing the visibility required on customer exposure, limits, commitments, collaterals, etc.

Additionally, data retrieval from other external and internal systems is supported with out-of-the-box or custom interfaces.
Compliance checks are designed and executed, screening out business which could put the institution’s reputation and legal stand in jeopardy, ensuring customer evaluations adhere to due diligence requirements and international compliance and regulatory standards.

Adapt with great flexibility

With industry standard rules and risk models, i-Apply® supports and automates credit policy checks, allowing credit approvers to focus on decisions of increased risk and complexity, thus shielding the bank from potential “bad debt” exposures. Rules are designed, tested and implemented in a graphical environment. Using business language, users can build rules, reducing or eliminating the need of IT resources. i-Apply® models can therefore easily adapt to changes in the market conditions and the institution’s risk appetite, as rapidly as they may evolve in time.

With reusable and highly configurable workflow capabilities the bank can address changes with minimum operational disruptions.
New or updated products can be rolled out fast, targeting new market segments, implementing a variety of pricing strategies or customer segments.

Add and manage new products in no time, at no additional cost

i-Apply® Product Factory ensures that technology and processes provide the modern bank with the capability to flexibly configure new offerings, seamlessly distributed across channels, without adding cost and complexity.

New products do not need to be developed at the expense of existing ones and do not necessarily have to consist of custom builds or bespoke development activities. Product Managers have the right tool and technology to better analyze and directly control new product rollouts through automated workflow and authorizations.

Accelerated offerings are made available to Sales Teams, Call Centers, Branches and on-line channels at the right time and with the right information.
Utilizing a central catalogue, i-Apply® provides a single view over all products integrated with the CBS. Subsequently, new products may be designed, within i-Apply®, from existing CBS components maintaining control over cost. This provides the bank with the ability to introduce fast, and at a fraction of the cost, a wide variety of offers and campaigns without increased infrastructure and operational complexity.

Detailed auditing allows for full control

Financial products are strictly regulated and Financial Institutions need to demonstrate to auditors that certain procedures have been followed in a specific order. i-Apply® fully satisfies the audit requirements of a modern bank.

Firstly, the solution provides a comprehensive and complete audit trail enforcing accountability, recording in detail, “who” did “what” and “when”.
Authorized users perform their duties in an environment which records every action in detail.

Secondly, i-Apply® supports the Loan Review process, ensuring a loan file is never left incomplete.
i-Apply® allows auditors to review the origination lifecycle, supporting the completeness and documentation adequacy, ensuring process integrity and compliance to the bank’s credit policy.

Friendly User Interfaces

i-Apply® provides users with a rich set of HTML5 interfaces, for in-house and Channel users (e.g. Desktop, Web-based, Tablet, Smartphone).
Depending on their role (individual or group assigned) users may initiate, perform tasks (e.g. approve, reject), own or have oversight on loan applications in a fully auditable environment.

Users have direct access to pre-populated customer data from the CBS or the Client Relationship Management (CRM) system and manage Loan Applications using “work-lists”, which support “baskets” and role-based personal “assignments”.
Information is exchanged between i-Apply® and the CBS/CRM, providing users with the necessary customer information, such as financial details, employment information, collateral management and valuation, etc. in a multilingual web-based environment.

Customers are an integral part of the information exchange and messages, generated by the i-Apply® Notification Engine, can keep them up-to-date on the progress of their application.

Document Management

An integral part of the solution is the i-Apply® Document Management System (DMS), which controls the life cycle of the Loan Documentation File.
i-Apply® DMS is built to ensure the bank achieves completeness, consistency and efficiency in the production of Loan Documentation.
The DMS facilitates the creation, storage, retrieval and retention as well as archival of the file, while it allows the bank to define and use standard document templates for each type of loan.

The Loan Documentation File is stored in a central depository and data can be accessed quickly providing users with on-demand access to content that is necessary to ensure a consolidated view of the Loan applicant’s data and transactions.
A single point of shared access is provided to users involved in the Loan Origination Life Cycle, enabling work to be processed in parallel, resulting in greater efficiency, accelerating credit decisions.

Access to the Loan Documentation File and the information contained needs to be protected.
i-Apply® complies with the Safeguard Rules of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act.
Information Rights Management (IRM) technology is used to enable repository content, behind or beyond the firewall, to be controlled, secured and tracked, securely managing customer sensitive personal information.

The i-Apply® DMS can automatically enforce content retention and archival policies that support regulatory compliance, while archived information remains quickly accessible for operational purposes, stored away in an inexpensive archiving manner.
The generation of automated notifications of status changes on loan origination processes is also supported, as is the management of pending or additional information required to complete a loan.

Rich, Comprehensive and Flexible Reporting Options

With enhanced support of credit risk management at both the business unit and enterprise level, i-Apply® business users have decision-quality information from the data mart at their fingertips.
Business users can utilize the data mart in order to investigate the status of loan applications, identify bottlenecks and issues and explore performance trends and new business opportunities.

Equally, reporting and regulatory compliance efforts, i.e. Basel II, are simplified.
This is accomplished with a rich set of predefined reports, while additional custom reports can be produced turning insights into effective decisions, improving productivity, and sharing knowledge across the organization.
With an improved, intuitive interface, i-Apply® provides business users with drag-and-drop functionality to create freeform, dynamic reports without expensive, time-consuming help from IT.

Business and Credit analysts as well as nontechnical information consumers can use i-Apply® Reporting option and ask business questions involving Loan Origination data, monitor portfolio credit risk and track exposure across business units reducing costs and optimizing profitability.