AroTRON™ Collections for Global provider of electronic payment processing solutions

The Case

Our client (The Company) is a global provider of electronic payment and transaction processing solutions for financial institutions, retailers, service providers and individual consumers through three primary business segments — Electronic Financial Transactions, Prepaid and Money Transfer.

The Company selected AroTRON™ Collections & Recoveries in order to offer their partners a complete solution for pre-collection, collection and recovery of debts of all kinds of credit cards. The system was offered as a service and it was fully integrated to our client’s card management system.


The Solution

The tools and functionality that were covered by AroTRON™ Collections & Recoveries are:

  • AroTRON™ Workflow Strategic Management engine: fully covered the needs of strategy design, allowing the implementation of the most advanced portfolio segmentation and categorization schemes producing structured flows of recovery and litigation activities. As a result, the execution became process-driven thus gradually smoothened the collection operations and accelerated actions between units and groups.
  • Enhanced assignment functions: Based on the extensive assignment scheme, combined with the operational tools provided by the system, such as targets and metrics, KPI’s and MIS reports, officers’ and teams’ efficiency was drastically improved. Smart segmentation was the key for targeted assignments to teams, groups or even expert individuals for special cases, which led to increased debt collection.
  • Decision-Action Center: innovative environment combined with extensive MIS reporting resulted in crystal-clear view of the portfolio and, more importantly, streamlined ad-hoc live actions. This one-step execution of business processes for a group of customers, accounts or activities – large or small –, optimally selected using the whole report spectrum, ex. New Action Plans, batch generation of letters, emails, sms, etc., led to increased productivity and boosted live collections efficiency!
  • Advanced channels support: Support automated dialing systems, CTI, IVR, SMS, Emails and Fax channels, fully integrated at business level, which offered wide flexibility regarding the communication channels.
  • A rich set of out-of-the-box reports combined with domain-specific Collections BI Accelerator for SAP Business Objects, practically covered any ad-hoc MIS reporting requirement.
  • Customer-centric recovery processes: this was performed via a user friendly interface, which presented a single view of customer and operations, e.g. single workflow treatment for all accounts of a customer. AroTRON™ Collections & Recoveries offered a balanced management scheme that allowed the recovery officer to have access to unified client and account information updated constantly, thus increasing their ability to manage and execute recovery processes fast and reliably.
  • Full coverage of delinquency life-cycle covering:

o   Recovery – Litigation – Write-off

o   Collaterals management