About us

Cententia founded in 1998, is the market leader in Greece in the area of Debt Collections & Recoveries, with a strong presence in the Balkans. Its flagship product AroTRON™ Collections and Recoveries, is a comprehensive solution offering streamlined, customer-centric Collections and Recoveries management. Developed over a period of 20 years based on constant customer feedback, AroTRON™ covers all stages of the arrears lifecycle and boasts a rich variety of features and functionalities.

Combining scientific efficiency with experience stemming from numerous success stories in blue-chip corporations, the company provides clients with both out-of-the-box and highly configurable solutions, allowing them to become customer-centric and offer consistent high-value customer experiences.

Mission & Strengths

We are committed to becoming the leading international provider of Collections & Recoveries solutions acting as a one-stop-shop for our clients, supporting them through the entire arears lifecycle.

What sets Cententia apart:

  • Scientific efficiency coupled with deep industry experience
  • A strong professional services team that consistently delivers on-time and on-budget
  • Continuous investment in R&D in order to be constantly abreast of the latest industry developments.
  • Seamless integration with existing Information Systems such as core banking systems and contemporary ERP systems.
  • Long-standing partnerships with Big 4 and multiple professional services & integrator firms