About us

CENTENTIA SA was founded in 1998 with the aim of developing enterprise state-of-the-art software.

From the beginning of its operation, it focused on the development of a Customer Relationship Management software platform (CRM), which was launched in the market in 2000. This platform gained momentum and a leading position in the market especially in the financial sector of debt management with the product AroTRON Collections & Recoveries, which in collaboration with the company Relational – which was also a shareholder of Cententia (2006-2022) and after 2021 owner of the software copyright – has a presence in 25 countries and manages debt assets of over 100 billion.

At the same time, Cententia developed a know-how in the field of Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) as a value-added-partner of Atlassian (2015 – 2022), with successful implementations in large organizations in Greece and abroad.

The year 2023 was a turning point for the company, which, in order to remain at the cutting edge of technology but also to adapt to the new technologies, proceeded to a structural reorganization of activities and technologies and today is able to offer enterprise digital transformation solutions and products designed to empower organizations in optimizing their operational efficiency and maximizing productivity.