AroTRON™ Collections & Recoveries


AroTRON™ is a comprehensive solution for streamlined, customer-centric Collections and Recoveries management, covering all stages of the arrears lifecycle. Throughout the early collections phase, where minimization of roll-outs and self-cure management is of critical importance, AroTRON™  makes full use of advanced productivity features, such as i-Score for decision-making and Prioritized Work Queues, integrated with low-cost channels such as SMS, e-mail and automated dialing platforms with predictive dialing capabilities. AroTRON™  is the market leader in Greece, with a strong track record spanning 5 countries and deployments in some of the largest Banks, Financial institutions, and Legal firms in Europe and the Middle East.  

 Collections & Recoveries Process Overview


Pre-collections & Collections Management

Automates the activities of the corporate Call Center, including viewing and monitoring  the entire history of all individual customer and company relationships, data sources, follow-up actions, (calls,  letters, e-mails, meetings etc.), future appointments etc. It includes the following:

  • 360ο View of the Customer
  • High-productivity screen design, enabling users to process and complete most of their tasks through one screen
  • Consistent & Efficient Administration of Collection Activities
  • Automation of “Self-Cure” customers
  • Focus on “high-risk” customers
  • Maximization of Customer Retention
  • Minimization of Up-flows
  • Multi-accounts action codes management

Recoveries & Legal Actions

AroTRON™ Recoveries & Legal Actions comprises the core Recovery & Litigation subsystem for automating the activities of the organization’s relevant departments, including viewing and monitoring the entire history of all individual customer and company relationships, data sources, follow-up actions, (calls, letters, e-mails, sms, meetings etc.), future appointments etc. It fully supports the automation of the process related to creating and sending all related documents (extrajudicial, order of payment, etc) to the debtors, as well as the automatic and detailed update of the DB for every legal action category.

 Legal Actions

It offers all the required business entities implemented and matured through years of operations in banking organizations, debt collection agencies and legal offices. As a result, all the existing knowledge and best-practices is transferred to all our clients. More specifically, it includes the following:

Legal & Extrajudicial process management

Settlements Management

AroTRON™offers a specific functionality in regards to settlements management. Through the integration with information systems, the settlements and payments as well as the borrowers’ compliance with the repayment schedule can be loaded and monitored on a daily basis in AroTRON™. Therefore, the information will be unified, reliable and complete in AroTRON™regardless of the information system that is originating from and maintained. The main phases of the flow of electronic settlements management:

  • Request from borrower – or any guarantor involved
  • Processing – Evaluation request
  • Introduction
  • Approval
  • Promote to the responsible operator

Collaterals Management

AroTRON™ includes an advance module for Collaterals Management, which has been developed to cover a wide range of collaterals against debts. In particular, one click away from the standard accounts screen is the collateral view and management screen that is very rich both in fields’ availability and functionality. The officer may determine the existence of collateral after a physical search and transform it into collateral once it has been proved that it is linked to a certain product. Afterwards, if the officer wishes to monitor or manage a collateral, he/she may use the drill-in method to perform either a simple review or total management, depending on his/her access rights in this module. Types of Collaterals monitored are the following:

  • Personal guarantees
  • Equity underwriting – Mortgages
  • Checks (expired and overdue) per issuer
  • Bill of Exchange (paid or unpaid)
  • Stocks & Securities
  • Any other Collateral

External Partners Management 

AroTRON External Partners Management offers the following functionality:

  • Support the operations of assignment and revocation of account or legal actions to external partners along with either real-time (web client) or on a daily basis (file-based communication) feedback of their activities.
  • Provides managerial information (reports) for the performance of the external partners.

Efficiency monitoring of external parties’ collection packages is covered via the following options:

  • Integrated reports available through AroTRON Decision and Action Center in order to analyze in full all aspects of packages allocations to external parties
  • Business Objects Accelerator for Collections, which enables business intelligence analytics to advanced business users.

Furthermore, assigned packages to external parties are analyzed at least in terms of:

  • Actions implemented. Special customer / accounts updates such as “Payment Plans”, “Change of payment priority” et al. can be modelled using respective actions.
  • New or update points of contact of the customer and the related parties
  • Requests for account revocation
  • Activities & productivity
  • Commissions against performance upon assigned packages
  • Recall of accounts

Decision Action Center & MIS Reporting

Integrated environment with the following unique features:

  • Analyze all Business Areas: full coverage of all lines-of-business, including call center operations, back office, litigation, management (MIS) etc.
  • Don’t wait for the next release. AroTRON reports can be added or upgraded without the need for new release. Reports support all types of tabular and graphical views (e.g. bar-charts, pie-charts, line-plots,  etc).

i-Score Powers Users’ Decisions

i-Score module fully covers the requirements of design, testing, deployment and effectiveness monitoring of collection and recoveries strategies of modern financial institutions.

i-Score powers Users’ decisions!

Key benefits that AroTRON i-Score module offers are:

  • Agility in strategy definitions
  • Traceability of rules to quickly identify logical or business issues leading to Quality Assurance
  • Strengthens collaboration due to its function to graphically document the business rules
  • Reusability since strategy development can be based on modular rules that can be reused in other rules
  • Scenario simulations and “what-if” analysis are fully enabled
  • On-line Deployments without vendor intervention
  • Fully audited environment

Online Metrics & Dashboards

Selected metrics that are defined as On-Line can be monitored by supervisor personnel using the On-Line Monitoring Grid and Graph environment. A number of filters are provided to support efficient monitoring of:

  • Call centre agent activity
  • Specific team activity
  • Specific branch / unit activity
  • Specific agent activity

Insightful Dashboards


Information regarding On-line metrics / targets can also be presented to agents to motivate them to increase their productivity and exceed their goals / targets!

Other AroTRON Features & Functionality

Business Benefits

1. End-user Empowerment

i-Score innovative tool set provides the user with:

  • Enforcement of corporate policies in a verifiable    and easy to communicate way.
  • Graphical user interface to design and implement    optimal strategies through the    definition of portfolio segmentation, collection and legal strategy and tactics.
  • User-defined structures to implement Champion-Challenger functionality.
  • No Coding: Independence of new releases to support smooth adaptation    to the fast-changing market conditions.
  • Execution engine to simulate business decisions   and analyze online the behavior on test scenarios

2. Advanced Integration Services

  • Multi-tenant support: Unify data from multiple business entities & applications hosted in legacy systems.
  • Loan origination integration: your point of sales is empowered with instant access to collections history and scoring of any applicant. Your collection agents have immediate access to all customer documentation.
  • Customer Unification and Data Cleansing services: get the most of AroTRON customer-centric business model, putting an end to multiple customer profiles.

Document Automation Management

It supports the generation of all company document templates in Microsoft Word. It generates documents automatically with the push of a button and combines all the information that has been entered in AroTRON™ relating to a specific customer case. The system also generates a unique code number to ensure proper identification and matching of documents. Documents that can be supported include sales documents, offer documents, mass mailing documents, etc.

  • Documents are generated server-side so no full license of MS Word is required for  each agent
  • Integration with i-Apply Document repository

Telephony Platforms – Dialers Integration

For the optimum execution of the outbound communications AroTRON™ offers a fully integrated experience with the following leading Automated Dialing Platforms:


Main functionality of the Telephony Platform includes:

  1. Campaign Manager – Light Scripting
  2. Preview / Progressive Dialer
  3. Predictive Dialer
  4. Inbound
  5. AroTRON™ CTI
  6. Combined AroTRON™ Collections and Dialer Reporting